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Follow these tips to make your partner feel happy and loved

To keep a relationship beautiful one must take of several little things. This will strengthen the foundation of a relationship. Here are some tips to follow to make your partner feel loved and happy.

Make your partner feel reassured:  Be your partner’s best friend and this will make them happy. This will also make your relationship beautiful. Reassure him/her  that everything can be shared with you. This leads to amazing emotional connectivity between you and your partner.

Don’t be too predictable: People  feel bored when they are apprehensive about being a little funny or are too predictable. Be open to different life experiences and excited about trying new things.

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Give them compliments:  One of the best ways to make your partner feel happy is by making them confident about themselves.  So give compliments.

Give space: Each partner must have their own space in the relationship. If your partner seems to be a little off, give him some time to cool off.

Don’t involve in fights:  Try to resolve issues that originates between you calmly. Avoid fighting. Don’t try to bring his/her  past into these fights.


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