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Newton predicted the end of the world by 2060 in a ‘1706 letter’!

A lot of people are intrigued by the possibility of the end of the world. Our minds are intrigued more than our brains by the thought of the conclusion of this vast existence. Everybody has painted the world ending on their own canvas, from mystical fables associated with religion to scientifically well-analyzed and quantified ends suggested to the masses by science.

Sir Isaac Newton was one of these painters of the end of the world. On the other hand, Newton developed something that was multifaceted in terms of practices and beliefs among the heterodox ideologies. It took into account every perspective that contributed to this one last grand picture. As a result of combining all nodes, Newton predicted the end of the world in 2060.

The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, exhibits a letter in which Newton describes his predictive algorithms and calculations as ‘reckoning.’ In this letter written in 1706, Newton predicted the end of the world. Explaining his work, Newton writes, ‘And the days of short lives, being put for the years of lived kingdoms, the period of 1260 days, if dated from the complete conquest of the three kings A.C.800, will end A.C.2060. It may end later, but I see no reason for its ending sooner’.

Newton was born in 1643 in England and was always an unconventional individual. According to Florian Freistetter in her book, Newton was ‘strange and awkward’. He was fascinated by folklore-based ideologies as much as he was with science. To prove his fascination, he even tried alchemy, or in common language, turning metal into gold.

However, Newton’s knack for religiosity contributed to the foundation of Naturalism and Deism somewhere. The letter contains Newton’s calculation of the number 2060 which he gathered from the prophetic calculations. Even though the letter was written by one of the greatest minds this world has ever seen, it is still taken with a pinch of salt, like every other prophecy.



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