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The Spanish sky is spectacular with its red and orange hues ! Take a look ;

Spain’s strange red-orange sky made the social media rounds, as netizens marveled at the object of their awe. They didn’t know it was the sound of an alarm for the European nation when Spanish landscape appeared orange and red in the camera eyes ! Spanish landscapes appeared orange-red on video.

People in Spain were left bewildered when they awoke to a vivid orange day ! Their terraces, streets, and cars were soon covered with red-orange dust. In the capital and other cities, the sky was reddish-orange. Madrid and other cities like Granada and Leon had visibly been reduced to 2.5 miles (four kilometers), the weather service reported. The BBC reported that skies across Spain turned to an orange red due to the Saharan dust cloud which hit the region on Tuesday.

As red-orange dust blanketed parts of Spain, authorities issued extremely bad air quality warnings for Madrid. A large mass of hot air from the Sahara desert led to clouds of dust blanketing the country. Madrid, as well as resort towns in the Southeast, bear the brunt of the dust.

The capital and large parts of the southeast coast were rated as ‘extremely unfavorable’ by the national air quality index. Residents of Madrid and other affected cities in Spain were advised to wear face masks and avoid outdoor exercise. The Weather Service said the dust storm was ‘extraordinary and very intense’, forecasting that it would continue through Wednesday.

Spain’s weather service also predicted that the dust could reach as far north as the Netherlands and northwestern Germany. Over the past century, the Sahara Desert has grown more expansive and has increased the potential for larger dust storms in Europe. The hot air has also affected the air quality north of Madrid, as far west as the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean.


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