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Boy who escaped Ukraine with phone number written on hand reunites with mother

An 11-year-old boy who made headlines this week after travelling 750 kilometres from his home in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, to Slovakia’s capital Bratislava, has reunited with his family. After Russian soldiers attacked the city’s nuclear power plant, Hassan Pisecka endured the journey and escaped his homeland.

Yulia Pisetskaya, Hassan’s mother, sent him away from the conflict when she was unable to escape herself because she had to take care of her ailing mother. Yulia, a widower, had stayed since her own mother was unable to go as she was bedridden. The child embarked on the torturous journey with a passport and a phone number scribbled in his hand.

With the aid of a letter wrapped around his waist and the phone number, border officers were able to reach his family. Both the mother and the boy, as well as four siblings, their grandmother and a dog have reunited. ‘The train ride was very difficult. Hundreds were crammed in a single car. But we had to escape so our family could be back together’, Yulia said.

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Yulia went on to say that her family will have to start over as they had lost everything. ‘I would like to thank everyone from my heart. We lost everything we have had but we are healthy’, she said.

The boy’s boldness and persistence were said to have amazed the border officials who looked after him until his relatives came. Hassan says he is not worried about the future now that he has been reunited with his family and all he wants is to be secure and be with his family.


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