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Where to flee when war breaks out? Here are the safest countries!

Ever wonder what you would do if World War III broke out? Where would you seek refuge? The current events certainly evoke such thoughts. Based on geostrategic and geopolitical criteria, the Global Peace Index in 2021 offers us a revealing list.

Iceland: the safest nation
Global Peace Index 2021 ranks Iceland as the country most likely to remain peaceful during a world war. Due to its geographical location (far north of Europe, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean) and its pacifist heritage. Despite its NATO membership, it lacks an army (the coast guard and police suffice).

New Zealand: a haven of peace
If a world war breaks out, we could also seek refuge in New Zealand. It is regarded as the second most ‘peaceful’ country in the world. It has a lot to do with its geographical location, far away from powers such as Russia and the United States, which are the main players in a potential conflict.

Denmark: safe country? Must we go to Greenland?
Considering possible wars with origins in Europe, this third place in the ranking is somewhat debatable. Denmark is also a member of NATO. Although, of course, Greenland is Danish territory and might make an excellent refuge from a planetary catastrophe.

Portugal: a quiet life
The country has historically avoided taking part in global wars. In addition to belonging to NATO, its location (at the southernmost tip of the continent) and the Portuguese character, characterized by fraternity, make it a good retreat from chaos.

Slovenia: a quiet ex-Yugoslavia
This country is also supposedly peaceful (although it did experience a civil war when Yugoslavia disintegrated). In the middle of the Ukrainian crisis, however, Slovenia’s Prime Minister, Janez Jansa, traveled to Kiev with the head of state of Poland and the head of state of the Czech Republic to give support to the Ukrainian government.

Austria: neutral country
Austria wanted to preserve its inter-bloc independence forever after the traumatic Hitler period. In 1955, it signed a treaty with the Soviet Union, the United States, the United Kingdom, and France, declaring its ‘permanent neutrality’. It does not belong to NATO (it does belong to the European Union) and has sometimes been used as an example of what can be done to quell Russian suspicions about Ukraine.

The Swiss: always on the sidelines
This country’s neutrality in all conflicts is deeply rooted. It hasn’t changed much over the years.

Ireland: tranquil landscapes
Ireland is not a member of NATO, and its landscapes evoke a calm that we hope will be retained in case of conflict.

Czech Republic -NATO status lessens its security
The conflict in Ukraine had not yet erupted when this Global Peace Index was made. The Czech Republic actively participates in NATO, which negatively impacts its reputation as a calm, peaceful, and very safe country.

Canada: North America’s haven
The country has always played an important role in hosting refugees from all over the world. Consequently, it makes the Global Peace Index’s Top 10 list.

Singapore: Asian adventure
Singapore ranks first among Asian countries according to this index of ‘at peace’ countries.

Japan: Bet on peace
In terms of war conflicts, the second ‘safest’ Asian country would be Japan, which has avoided war since World War II and has never intervened outside its borders.

Finland: Last frontier
An idyllic spot in northern Europe with beautiful scenery and a tradition of relative neutrality… Until the war in Ukraine changed everything, and Putin threatened the nation with ‘consequences’ if it joined NATO.

Norway: Safe haven or not?
Norway comes next in the Global Peace Index, and although it has traditionally been a place of peace, the world is so stressed (and the war in Ukraine is so close by) that perhaps things have changed.


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