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April Fool: Zomato, Oppo, and even the police pranked people!

April Fool’s Day is never boring. Isn’t it true that a day dedicated to lighthearted pranking of our family and friends and a good laugh is all we need to forget all our problems and keep moving forward? There are several pranks. With a quick web search, you may get a plethora of options. Companies aren’t doing badly either. Things may get amusing when pranks are played on clients, whether they are unaware or not.

On Twitter, a Zomato consumer shared his experience. He supposedly received a message from his delivery man that said, ‘Lol! Sorry for not being able to attend! Your order was never received!’ It was obviously a joke.

Oppo has released its latest product, ‘Opp Gotcha.’ Among the eye-catching features are a ‘1422 Hz disply,’ a’very clicky button,’ and more. View the video below.

Nothing, co-founded by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, has unveiled Another (1) phone.  ‘Say hello to just Another (1). You’ve seen a phone just like this before. Experience edge-to-edge monotony. It’s inspiringly uninspired. Utterly unoriginal. And exactly the same as everything else. Coming to bore you soon.’ according to the tweet.

Xiaomi India decided to give everyone a boost by developing ‘ConfiBoost,’ which the firm claims would enable anyone to achieve anything.

Australian cops were also tempted to crack one. On April 1, the State Police of Victoria announced the formation of a camel division. ‘Victoria Police will soon take ownership of Camels as a part of an expansion to mounted operations. The new one and two hump camels will be a welcome addition to the current herd, helping the organization address both climate change and fuel price hikes,’ read the Facebook post.

This did not end there. The Victorian Police Department went ahead and stated the benefits of the Mounted Camel Division. They displayed the ‘fuel-efficient, all-terrain vehicle,’ which they said would reduce the cost of water cannons. ‘ It’s the season to laugh our heads off.


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