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Follow these tips to give the ‘best kiss’ to your partner

Kiss is the most intimate form expressing love and affection. A kiss evokes emotions of love, care and admiration. There are different types of kisses and each one evokes different emotions and feelings. Kisses very romantic and  are one of the best ways to impress someone.

And here are some of the ways a kiss can be sensual and passionate.

Time: Take your time when you are kissing someone. Don’t hurry because it will ruin all the pleasure.

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Pressure: Put some pressure on the kiss. The  right amount of pressure can make all the difference in a kiss. A little biting here and there or putting some pressure on the lips with your teeth can make you a great kisser.

Using Body:  Make full use of your body when kissing someone. Move your hands around and grind against your partner’s body. That will create friction between you both creating a lot of passionate and sensual moments.

Using tongue: While kissing, wisely use your tongue. Let your tongue and mouth caress your partner. Don’t let your tongue dart here and there.

Tease your partner: You can tease your partner a little bit in between kisses. Pull away, lick their lips or their jaw, and then go back to sensually kissing your partner.


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