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Former Islamist exposes misguided madrasas in Kerala; documents Jihad & other violence that Quran mentions

According to Askar Ali, who just rejected Islam, religious centres in Kerala continue to educate people to kill individuals who leave Islam. He said that the new death threats he has received are related to the same. He made the comments during a news conference with Essence Global, an organisation that promotes free thought.

Askar Ali, a Malappuram native, chose to forsake Islam after more than a decade of study. The decision was reached on the basis that what one had to study as part of religion education was not in touch with reality and would not be beneficial to living in a democratic society like India. Following that, Islamists attempted to assassinate him as he was attending a ceremony in Kollam.

Azkar told out that the text, which is taught at madrassas, explicitly specifies that anyone who abandons Islam should be killed. This is described where the punishment for offences in Islam is discussed. It is plainly stated that no concessions should be made in this case. Azkar Ali noted that this is still taught and that there are many similar items in the Arabic books taught in madrassas.

He studied at a school that trains teachers to teach at madrassas, or Islamic seminaries. Naturally, all Islamic laws will be taught there. Azkar claimed to have learnt the rules in this manner. During the press conference, Askar showed screenshots of death threats he had received, including on social media. Azkar stated that despite making a complaint with the police, no meaningful action occurred, and hence no more complaints were filed.

In his speech, he highlighted centuries-old Islamic customs and said that they had not been modernised to reflect the current world. While criticising a recent event in which a girl was ejected from the stage because she was a ‘female,’ he stated that this is the thinking of Islam even today. If we argue that the occurrence was wrong or that what we see in the Taliban is bad, then implies Islam is incorrect, he continues.


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