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Colombia will teach Ukrainian soldiers to clear landmines

Colombia’s defence minister announced on Monday that a team of Colombian troops will travel to Europe to educate their Ukrainian counterparts in demining procedures.


Colombia is one of the world’s most mined countries, according to the United Nations, because to nearly 60 years of internal strife between the armed forces, leftist rebels, right-wing paramilitaries, and drug traffickers. According to the Colombian government, landmines have killed 2,342 people and injured almost 10,000 since 1990.


In the midst of Russia’s escalating invasion of Ukraine, both Russian military and Ukrainian authorities have announced they will eliminate landmines from various areas.


Colombian military minister Diego Molano said in a statement that the US invited professionals from Colombia, a NATO partner, to conduct the training.


‘This training will be provided by 11 military engineers who will travel to a NATO member country that is Ukraine’s neighbour,’ Molano stated.


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