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THIS company tops the list of Indian passengers dissatisfied with airlines’ services!

According to a recent poll, Indian air travellers are growing more dissatisfied with the country’s airline services. Passengers’ dissatisfaction is due to worsening services and inappropriate behaviour by aircrew. The poll findings are hardly surprising given incidences of passenger misbehaviour and allegations of service delays. Bloomberg’s analysis examines many other facets of air travel in the post-Covid-19 era, underlining the findings listed above.

The survey’s foundation was laid by LocalCirceles (a social networking site). The survey’s sample size was 15,000 airline passengers, 79% of whom stated that ‘carriers in India are sacrificing customer comfort and cutting shortcuts as a result of the epidemic’. Passengers believe that the crew’s declining level of customer service began after the outbreak.

The poll includes all airlines and ranks them based on the number of dissatisfied participants in their sample size. According to the report, 28% of those polled were unsatisfied with Spicejet, putting it at the top of the list. The airline was followed in second and third place by IndiGo and Air India, respectively.

It should be mentioned that, in response to recent occurrences and scandals, India’s aviation authority, the DGCA, has issued multiple guidelines and warnings to airlines. The most noteworthy event remains Indigo’s mistreatment of a special-needs child. Furthermore, the DGCA has advised airlines against giving unserviceable seats to passengers, which would cause trouble.

The reason for the absence of adequate services can be explained by the decline in air travel during the epidemic. Airlines that had enough financial reserves, government support, or a major private player were the first to fail as demands mounted. But it’s not only the airlines that have changed. Customers who return expect them to adjust to their changing travel preferences as a result of COVID while providing excellent service in exchange for cheap pricing.

Furthermore, the airlines are now dealing with a significant workforce shortage, and existing employees are overworked as a result of the fast growth in passenger load. And, with airlines battling with rising fuel expenses while simultaneously keeping an eye on ticket pricing, customer service looks to have dropped down the priority list.


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