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Ukraine war could be killing dolphins in the Black Sea; Report

According to sources, a high number of dolphins have died in the Black Sea, with scientists attributing the deaths to the Ukraine conflict. At least a hundred dolphins died between February and mid-May off the Turkish coast, as well as in Bulgaria, Romania, and Ukraine. The solar technology in warships is most likely to blame for the dolphins’ deaths, with many also losing their lives as a result of bomb and mine explosions.

The experts have also blamed the current status of the dolphins on increasing noise pollution in the Black Sea. This is caused by the presence of massive Russian warships and military operations. Another cause might be the sonar noise created by warships, which interferes with the dolphins’ communication rhythm. Underwater creatures become disoriented as a result of the disruptive underwater sounds, and they end up near the coastlines and in enormous fishing nets. Russia recently accused Ukraine of mining the Black Sea area, claiming that it was unable to transport ships carrying wheat supplies.

The port towns of Mariupol, Berdyansk, and Odessa have seen heightened Russian military action in recent weeks, with sea-based transportation in the Black Sea grinding to a halt. The UN recently stated that it is in negotiations with Russian officials to unlock the ports in order to transfer the world food supply. This has been hampered by severe supply chain limitations, with corn, wheat, and sunflower seeds being banned since Russia launched its conflict with Ukraine on February 24.


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