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Massive crowd rushes to withdraw cash after ATM mistakenly dispensing ‘extra cash’!

Several people make a habit of withdrawing cash from an Automated Teller Machine (ATM). Sometimes the money is correctly distributed. It can also cause issues such as cash not coming out of the ATM machine but money being debited from the account, the card is stuck in the machine, and so on. But have you ever heard of the machine accidentally dispensing more money? So, it’s surely something new, isn’t it? In fact, this is also true.

A guy in the Indian state of Maharashtra was trying to withdraw Rs 500 from an ATM of a private bank in Khaparkheda town of Nagpur district on Wednesday when the machine gave five Rs 500 notes instead of Rs 100, according to media sources. So, instead of Rs 500, he received Rs 2,500. To test his luck, he repeated the procedure and had the same outcome.

Soon, the news of the anomaly in the ATM machine spread like wildfire. A huge crowd gathered at the ATM to withdraw cash. Seeing this, a bank customer alerted local police, who closed the ATM centre and informed the concerned bank after reaching the spot, said an official of Khaparkheda police station. Due to a technical glitch, the ATM was dispensing extra cash, the official added. In the ATM tray for Rs 100 notes, someone had mistakenly kept Rs 500 notes, he further said. Till now, no case has been registered in this matter.




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