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‘Fears of cholera and disease outbreaks’ following the earthquake in Afghanistan

On June 22, a massive earthquake with a magnitude of 6.1 rocked Afghanistan, killing over 1000 people and wounding hundreds. Local and international aid workers hurried to impacted areas, but media reports indicate that thousands of people are still without food, shelter, or safe drinking water in the aftermath of the country’s worst earthquake in decades. According to the news agency Reuters, residents impacted by the earthquake in the country’s east need clean water and food. They appear to be vulnerable to sickness. A UN organization has issued a cholera warning for the area.

‘The people are severely hungry for food and clean water,’ said Sharafat Zaman, a spokeswoman for Afghanistan’s health ministry. Zaman stated that while the administration had controlled the medications, for the time being, dealing with individuals who had lost their houses would be difficult. According to the news agency, he stated, ‘We beg the world community, humanitarian organisations to help us with food and medication, because the survivors may develop infections because they don’t have adequate dwellings and shelters to live in.’

According to the US Geological Survey (USGC), the quake happened roughly 44 kilometers from the city of Khost, near the Pakistani border. As per the EMSC, over 119 million people in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India felt the shaking. The earthquake caused widespread devastation throughout the country, and the crisis proved to be a critical test for Afghanistan’s Taliban authority. Following its seizure of the nation in August of last year, the Taliban leadership has effectively isolated itself from the rest of the world by imposing strict Islamic law.


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