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Know all about sex dreams

Dreams are normal. Sex dreams is also a normal activity and is common. As per experts, dreaming about sexual activity with someone other than your partner is also normal.  Experts claim that, sex dreams tell  a lot about a person’s mental state, psyche, sexuality and even guilt.

Here are meaning of some common sex dreams:

Sex with your friend:  Dreaming about sex  with a friend  means you have been happy  on your performance at your workspace. You are finally ready to take on a much bigger role as a leader or a manager.

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Sex with your former lover:  Sex dreams with your former lover means that you still haven’t gotten over them. You may also be repeating the same mistakes from your previous failed relationships that may cause troubles in the present or future ones.

Sex with a family member: This is quite similar to having a dream about sex with your friend.

Dominating sex: If you always dream of being the dominant one in bed with your partner, it can highlight some existing manipulative and control issues.

Sex with a stranger or acquaintance: This means that your libido is high and you are not getting your needs met.

Oral Sex: Dreaming of oral sex means that you were raised with direct or covert messages that oral sex is disgusting and unwanted, but secretly, you desire it.




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