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Canada-World’s Most Desirable Country To Move: India Ranks 8th!

Have you ever pondered which nation would be the finest to migrate to if given the chance? Are you considering transferring to another country or are you curious where your present residence ranks among the most popular relocation destinations? pricing comparison website headquartered in Australia compares the Market and decided to answer this issue by publishing research on the world’s most attractive nations to migrate to. And Canada is the most favored migration destination in over 50 nations globally.

Following the pandemic and the emergence of the Work From Home culture in recent years, the number of individuals considering packing their belongings and migrating to a new nation has increased. A residency permit or citizenship in a high-income nation opens the door to greater comfort. Considerably, everyone’s definition of comfort differs. Some people prioritize job opportunities, while others prioritize foreigner allegiance or a superior education for their children.

Canada; Canada also consistently rates highly in areas such as government openness, civil rights, quality of life, economic freedom, and education.

Japan has one of the longest life expectancies in the world, which may explain why so many people are considering relocating there.

Spain offers good healthcare and high quality of life.

The fourth most popular place to live, with 15 nations ranking it as their first option.

This magnificent nation on the western side of Europe is recognized for its beauty, home to some of the world’s most iconic landmarks and buildings, and, of course, excellent food, wine, and fashion. The country came in fifth on this list, with 11 countries voting for it as their favorite.

Turkey’s transcontinental culture clash, its east-west spice-mix of influences, flavors, civilizations, faiths, and history, at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, is what makes this nation so enticing. This is a place of sensory richness, from its Ottoman castles to fairy-tale Cappadocia, with its bazaars and mosques, gastronomy, and arts. Turkey is ranked sixth, alongside South Africa.

South Africa
South Africa, formally known as the Republic of South Africa, is a fantastic country to live, ranking sixth with Turkey.

According to the report, India is the eighth-most desirable country to migrate to. Residents of seven nations picked India as a relocation destination. Bangladesh, Bhutan, Finland, Ivory Coast, Libya, Niger, and the United Arab Emirates are among them.

Australia ranks ninth on the list, with six nations ranking it as their top relocation destination. With its beaches, deserts, ‘the bush,’ and ‘the Outback,’ Australia is known across the world for its natural splendor and vast open expanses. The country offers good healthcare and high quality of life.

Fiji and GreeceĀ 
According to the poll, Greece is ranked tenth, with Fiji as the most desired nation to migrate to. Residents from four nations picked Greece as a relocation destination. Armenia, Cyprus, North Macedonia, and Serbia are among those. Residents of four nations, including Kiribati, the Marshall Islands, Nauru, and Tuvalu, chose Fiji as a resettlement destination.





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