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Video: Chinese company faces criticism for ice cream ‘that doesn’t melt’!

Chicecream’s ice creams remained firm when lighters were put to them in videos that went viral, indicating that they did not totally melt when left in a 31 degree Celsius (88 degree Fahrenheit) room for an hour or under an extremely hot flame. According to AFP, a Chinese company previously nicknamed the ‘Hermes of ice cream’┬áhas come under criticism after internet users claimed that some of its products do not melt even after being toasted with a blowtorch.

The video provoked outrage online, causing consumers to question the company’s exorbitant costs and whether the items were overly laden with chemicals. Chicecream’s most costly product, dubbed ‘Zhong Xue Gao’ in Chinese, costs 66 yuan ($10). The firm stated on Wednesday that its goods complied with national food safety laws. ‘We feel that baking, drying, or boiling ice cream to determine its quality is not scientific,’ the firm wrote in a Weibo post that received over 168,000 likes.

Stabilisers, which are food additives used to retain structure in mass-produced ice creams, have been generally authorised for usage, including by the US Food and Drug Administration. Wang Silu, a senior national food inspector, also stated that the thickening agents used in the ice cream were safe. Chicecream has positioned itself as a Chinese alternative to Western brands such as Magnum and Haagen-Dazs, claiming to use natural ingredients and product designs influenced by local culture.


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