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Chinese man with ‘urinary issues’ told he has ovaries and uterus

A Chinese man was shocked to learn that he had ovaries and a uterus after years of feeling frequent stomach discomfort and seeing blood in his pee. After undergoing a chromosomal analysis test, Chen Li, whose name has been altered to protect his identity, was informed by the physicians that he is biologically female. Chen Li had identified as a man for 33 years.

Li, from the Sichuan province of southwest China, had a surgery when he hit puberty to fix his irregular urination. Since then, he has had stomach pain and blood in his pee. He was diagnosed with appendicitis after his stomach discomfort persisted for more than four hours. Li received therapy, but the problems persisted.

During a checkup last year, it was found that Li had female sex chromosomes. According to another medical check-up, he had uterus and ovaries. He had below-average levels of the male sex hormone androgen, but his levels of the female sex hormones and ovarian activity were in line with those of healthy adult women.

Li was finally discovered to have both male and female reproductive systems since he was born intersex. He became upset and made the decision to have his female reproductive organs removed. Last month, he underwent a three-hour procedure at a specialised facility.

Surgeon Luo Xiping said that the patient ‘was quickly at ease and his confidence was restored. From this point on, he can live his life as a man, but he cannot reproduce because his testicles cannot produce sperm’.


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