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Is your pillow over two years old? Virologist issues disgusting warning!

There are numerous items in our home that require regular cleaning. And there are plenty of things we dislike when they change frequently. Many people, for example, prefer to keep the television, a table fan, a photo frame, or a living room decorated in the same place. In the bedroom, sheets and covers are frequently changed because they must be kept clean. But what about pillows? We rotate our pillow covers on a regular basis. But how often do we change the pillows?

Replacing your pillows on a regular basis is a good hygiene practice. However, many of us become too attached to our old ones and stick with them for years. While old pillows may appear to be harmless on the outside, what brews inside can cause us significant harm. After explaining how dirty and unsafe our pillows become after two years, a leading virologist has left netizens concerned.

On Twitter, Dr. Lindsay Broadbent stated: ‘Ohh. I love grossing people out by telling them that if their pillow is >2 years old 10% of the weight is house dust mites and their poo!’  Dr. Broadbent’s tweet was in response to a journalist’s question: ‘Weirdest journo request yet: can I come on the radio to talk about the virology behind how often you should replace the pillow in your bedroom?’

While some users were aware of the importance of pillow hygiene, many were perplexed by the shocking statistics. Dr. Karan Raj, a doctor, had issued the same warning in 2021 before Dr. Broadbent. Dr. Karan Raj recommended that we replace our pillows every two years.

The NHS doctor, who is well-known on TikTok, has urged people to change their pillows at least once every two years because the stuff inside them becomes infected with bacteria, dust mites, and even worms that grow on sweat spots. The doctor emphasizes the importance of changing pillows or giving them to be cleaned on a regular basis in the explainer video, which has received millions of views.





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