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This Bengali-style spicy and creamy Chicken Rezala is perfect for weekend indulgence

What comes to mind when we mention Bengal, in your opinion? The trams, perhaps? Is it the remains of the colonial era, or perhaps local crafts? It’s the food for us! Delicious, hearty, and strong meals abound in Bengali cuisine. This dish stands out from others due to its distinctive use of various ingredients and cooking methods.


Bengali cuisine is also the epitome of comfort for many people. It won’t harm to have another dish on hand if you share our passion of Bengali cuisine. You can try this delicious recipe for Chicken Rezala made in Bengali style! This meal seemed ideal because it’s the weekend and many of people forgo their diets in favour of delicious cuisine.


The way the ingredients are used in this chicken curry is what really makes it unique from others. Because of the cashews, khoya, and coconut milk, the curry is rich. And the heavy use of pepper and red chillies is what gives the food its zingy, fiery taste. Additionally, it tastes simply magnificent when chicken is added to a sauce created from this mixture. Pair this dish with either steamed rice or a crisp tandoori roti after you prepare it. Make sure to serve it with chutney and spicy onion rings! Below is the complete recipe for this dish:


Clean and prep the chicken. Remove the top and blanch in a pan of boiling water. Blend the coconut, cashew nuts, and onions into a fine paste separately. In a pot with a thick bottom, put the chicken; add water; season with salt and green cardamoms; and simmer. Halfway through cooking the chicken, add the chopped onions, ginger, and garlic. Add the whipped curd and ghee when the meat is completely dry. Before adding the nut paste and coconut, watch out that the masala doesn’t turn brown. After that, add some water and white pepper. Boil it and let it thicken. Add the mashed khoya, kewra jal, and mitha ittr last. After five more minutes of cooking, serve.


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