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DC publishes ‘Shazam’ The trailer for Fury of the Gods.

Are you prepared for the highly anticipated movie ‘Shazam! Fury of the Gods,’ which stars Zachary Levi as the DC character?

The movie’s creators debuted the trailer at San Diego Comic-Con, getting everyone pumped for the movie’s premiere. Levi reprises his role as the lovable superhero Shazam in the two-minute ad. He might have imposter syndrome, according to the trailer.

The trailer opens with: ‘I`m an idiot. I don`t deserve these powers if I`m being honest. Like, what am I even contributing?’ Later, in the trailer, we can hear Eminem’s song ‘Business’.

Billy Batson also compares himself to other superheroes like ‘The Flash’, ‘Aquaman’ and ‘Batman’. And, thinking about the rest of the famed heroes of DC`s extended universe, he says, ‘And I`m just me. I feel like a fraud.’

‘People’ reports that the trailer provides a brief synopsis of the 2019 Shazam movie, which took in $365 million globally. The story featured Billy (Asher Angel), a young man who has recently been placed in foster care, as he searches for his mother and discovers surprising superpowers after using the magic word ‘Shazam!’

‘People’ adds that the ‘Daughters of Atlas’, portrayed by Oscar-winner Helen Mirren, Lucy Liu and Rachel Zegler, are setting out to take back the power of the Gods ‘stolen’ by Billy and his other friends.

The main antagonists of the movie, for whom screenwriter Henry Gayden and director David F. Sandberg are expected to return, are the demigod siblings.


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