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Five creative ways to incorporate poha into your diet.

Interesting methods for including poha in your diet.

One of the most well-liked morning foods in India is chidva, or flattened rice, also known as poha. It is enjoyed in various ways around the nation. But if you want to level up and are sick of eating Poha for breakfast, we’ve got you covered.

Yes, most Indian households make poha more or less the same way, but we’ve compiled a list of clever ways to incorporate poha into your daily diet. So, using these easy methods to incorporate Poha into your everyday diet, will give your indulgence a healthy twist.


Flattened rice, also known as Poha, is made from rice and is a great source of fibre and nutrients. This is why including Poha in your diet on a regular basis is helpful for your digestion and overall health.

Simply soak some Poha, add milk, fresh fruit, and honey to a blender, and blend. Enjoy a nutritious breakfast with Poha’s goodness. This will give the smoothies a creamy texture and increase satiety.


Simply soak some Poha and add it to your kheer if you want to give it a creamy texture. Poha will soak up extra liquid and thicken the mixture.

Poha Ladoo

Having a sweet tooth? Then try this delectable Poha ladoo made with coconut, ghee, roasted Poha, and jaggery for sweetness. To make this ladoo, make a syrup of jaggery, add dry roasted coconut, Poha , nuts and ghee. Mix them together, roll small ladoos and enjoy.


Coat your cutlets in roasted Poha to give them a tasty twist. After cutting out the cutlets, immediately cover them with cornflour batter or an egg wash before frying them. You’ll fall in love with Poha because of its crunchy exterior.


If you are following a healthy diet and don’t want your love for snacks to ruin it. Then introduce poha in a simple way to make your binging interesting. Take salt and heat it in a pan, once the salt is too hot add the dry poha along with some peanuts. Roast them nicely, take them out on a sieve. This will help in removing excess salt. Add green chilies, ginger, onions and enjoy an oil free snack.


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