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More than 30 new species that live at the ocean’s bottom have been discovered.

Numerous species can be found living below the ocean’s bottom, but new research suggests that there may be many more species that have not yet been identified. According to a recent study by the Natural History Museum of the United Kingdom, scientists have discovered about 30 new species that live below the ocean’s bottom. According to the research results, which were published in the journal Zookeys, the researchers discovered 48 distinct species.

The species discovered by the scientists included creatures from the same family as centipedes as well as jellyfish, segmented worms, and a number of different corals, according to The Guardian.

‘This research is crucial since these megafauna individuals were previously only known from photos taken from the seabed, in addition to the amount of potentially new species that may have been found. We cannot accurately identify the animals and comprehend how many different species there are without the specimens and the DNA information they contain, according to Dr. Guadalupe Bribiesca-Contreras, the study’s lead author and a researcher at the Natural History Museum, who spoke to The Guardian.

This discovery has a wide range of ramifications because it may reduce the current level of sea mining. Many businesses are attempting to collect minerals from the seafloor, but if officials think the procedures are harmful to the recently discovered species, they may halt.

The employment of a remote-controlled vehicle for data collection and its successful navigation of the entire area was another exciting aspect of the investigation.


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