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Psychologist says, exam pressure drag Tamil Nadu students to suicide

Tamil Nadu has been in shock at the deaths of five students for the past two weeks. These tragic incidents started on July 13 when the death of a class 12 student in Kallakurichi sparked a lot of anger.

Education experts in the state do, however, identify a number of factors that motivate children to engage in such drastic actions. But these students also experience some psychological pressure. They are under a lot of social pressure as well as peer pressure.

In an interview with India Today, renowned psychiatrist Dr. Abhijeet Soni outlined the likely causes of such incidents.Dr. Soni stated that these incidents are a result of a variety of reasons. Given the situation, it appears to be more about academic pressure. Every day, more stress is put on students.

Two years ago, the pandemic caused a significant change in the way that research were conducted. After Covid, things have changed now. They had a time for interaction before Covid. Although they were expressive, the students were physically and mentally restrained during Covid. They must have likewise experienced covid fear. Up to a point, the growing usage of mobile devices and the internet was beneficial, but when it became excessive, it was dangerous. Students who previously studied online are now in class and under pressure.

Dr. Soni pointed out that the stress of the exams is also a significant issue. He said that this week saw the release of the class 10 and 12 results. There is too much academic pressure on students today. Following the release of the results, there is intense competition among the students. The issue is that this pressure does not come from healthy competition. Although healthy competition should exist, we are moving toward unhealthy competition. We shouldn’t be fostering a competitive environment in the students.


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