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US State Department warns citizens of violence after Zawahiri’s death

Following the assassination of Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri by US forces, the US State Department issued a warning to Americans traveling overseas on Tuesday (August 2) that they may now face a high risk of violence. Following the strike, the department issued a warning, advising employees to ‘maintain a high level of vigilance and practice good situational awareness.’ According to US President Joe Biden, the execution ended a ‘trail of murder and brutality against American citizens’. The president went on to say that the 71-year-old terrorist, the primary planner of the 9/11 attack, was killed over the weekend in a CIA airstrike near Kabul.

According to AFP, the department said in a statement, ‘current information suggests that terrorist organizations continue to plan terrorist attacks against US interests in multiple regions around the world’. According to the department, these attacks use a variety of tactics, ranging from bombing to assassination to kidnapping. According to a top Biden administration official, the 71-year-old Egyptian terrorist was on the balcony of a three-story house in Kabul when he was hit by two Hellfire missiles shortly after midnight on Sunday (August 1).

Since Osama bin Laden’s assassination in 2011, his death in a drone attack in Kabul over the weekend has been  Al-Qaeda’s heaviest blow, prompting US President Joe Biden to declare, ‘Justice has been delivered’. Since the US withdrew its forces from Afghanistan on August 31, last year, just days after the Taliban retook power, it is unknown whether the US has carried out any air strikes on Afghan targets. The Taliban, on the other hand, condemned the drone strike on Tuesday (August 2), but made no mention of casualties or Zawahiri.


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