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Over 4,300 dinosaur footprints dating from the Jurassic and Cretaceous ages have been found in China.

The bulk of dinosaur footprint remains, according to a scientific report released in the first week of July, have been discovered in Northern China. Over 4,300 footprints have been discovered by Chinese researchers in the northern Chinese province of Zhangjiakou in Hebei, according to South China Morning Post (SCMP).

The 9,000 square meter-sized footprints, according to the website, were made between the Jurassic and Cretaceous ages, or around 150 million years ago. The first discovery of the fossilised footprints—which also include claw imprints—took place in April 2020. They were subsequently placed next to one another.

According to China Daily, scientists can infer the dinosaurs’ walking pace from their tracks and determine their length, weight, and size. Intriguing cues concerning the existence of these extinct species can also be found in the footprints.

Dinosaur expert Xing Lida of the China University of Geosciences told China Daily that the footprints ‘not only indicate dinosaurs’ living habits and behaviour but also explain the interaction between dinosaurs and their living environment at the time.’

The prints show four different dinosaur species, none of which have been given names. One of the fossils, according to the specialists, might be from an unidentified species. These footprints are a mixture of herbivore and carnivore prints. The SCMP claims that the herbivores could reach lengths of nearly 15 metres whereas the carnivores only reached lengths of four to five metres.

Scientists theorised that the area may have drawn dinosaurs due to its availability of water and trees during the time of the dinosaurs. With some vegetation, the area is presently a high, stony grassland.


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