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Follow these simple tips to stay fit and healthy

The following tips can help you reach fitness success.

1: Exercise daily: Make it a habit to exercise each day. Make it a goal to exercise each day in some form. You can walk, run, weightlift, etc. just make sure you get your heart rate up.

2: Eat right: Diet is important in staying fit and healthy. Try to include leafy greens, fruit and lean meats in your diet.In general, make sure your diet is balanced and healthy.

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3: Keep track of your calories:  Keeping track of the calories you consume in a day will help you plan your physical exercise. Furthermore, tracking your calories will ensure that you aren’t overeating or under eating. Calorie counting is necessary for losing weight and getting fit.

4: Sleep: It is important to get enough sleep for the body to recharge. Lack of sleep can also have a number of negative effects on the body, including resistance to weight loss.




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