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Pakistani Islamist terrorism poses serious threat to world; Report

The emergence of Islamic terrorism in Pakistan poses a serious threat to the world and humanity, according to exiled Sindhi political leader Shafi Muhammad Burfat on Pakistan’s 75th anniversary of independence. Burfat, the chairman of Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz who lives in Germany, refers to August 14 as ‘Black Day’ because people in Sindh and Balochistan provinces have been treated as slaves for decades.

‘The two Nation theory, which laid the groundwork for the formation of the theocratic state of Pakistan in 1947, backed by strategic interests of British imperialism in the region at the time, is the true political and ideological inspiration and cause behind the savage Islamic extremism and terrorism victimizing civilized nations today,’ Burfat said.

Pakistan is the only state on the globe of mother Earth that was created by the world superpowers on the basis of religious fundamentalism to serve their strategic interests in the region. The Islamic theocratic fascist state and its savage intelligence agency ISI were supplied with resources needed to create and nourish the Islamic extremist terrorist groups like Taliban, Al-Qaida, Haqqani Network and Lashkar-e-Tayyeba.

Pakistan’s intelligence agency, the ISI is sheltering international terror fame Hafiz Saeed and financing and running Islamic terrorist networks like Haqqani Network, Burfat has said. He also accused the Pakistani military and agency of getting dollars from the world in the name of war on terror and at the same time protecting terrorist Al-Qaida Chief, Osama Ben Laden.

JSMM: The terrorism that is shaking the entire world today is inspired by the same Islamic theocratic psyche that laid the ideological basis for the establishment of Pakistan. ‘This ideology is in fact, the fascist base for the imperialist interests of Punjab established in the name of Islam, run by fascist corrupt mafia-like Army and its agency ISI’, says JSMM chief.

He believes that on one hand, Pakistan is creating Islamic extremist terrorists and forcefully imposing upon the historic, secular Sindhi and Baloch nations in the name of Islamic ideology and identity on the other. ‘All are inspired by the radical Islamic crusade called Jihad based on the Islamic extremist ideology that has always remained a psychological doctrine of Pan-Islamic dream of conquering the world and establishing Islamic rule over it’, said Shafi Burfat.

The 14th of August is the day of the formation of Pakistan, a state that massacred 3 million Bengalis in 1971, says former Sindh Chief Minister Zafar ul Haq. ‘As custodian of historic values of Indus civilization, we Sindhis are observing it as a black day in Sindh and Europe’.

Human rights activist Shafi Burfat has urged the international community to take serious notice and take immediate action against Pakistan, its corrupt military mafia, and its ruthless intelligence agency, the ISI. ‘The security agencies are abducting, torturing, extrajudicially killing, and dumping political activists and ordinary Sindhi and Baloch people simply because they do not recognize the occupation and existence of this fascist theocratic state.’


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