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Three rituals from an anxiety therapist to help you connect with your self

Building relationships is a fundamental human characteristic. Due to our desire to feel safe and supported, we invest a lot of effort in developing relationships with people. Although this is very necessary and natural, we frequently have a tendency to forget about our inner selves and our needs.

A connection with oneself must be nurtured in addition to all the links with the otherworldly realms.  Anxiety Therapist Anna has shared three rituals to practice to deepen the connection to the self:

1. Move your body

Moving the body promotes kinesthesia, the development of the body consciousness. Body awareness, in Anna’s opinion, refers to your knowledge and relationship with your physical self. It means to be conscious of how your body is positioned and how it moves in relation to the muscles and joints.

The proprioceptive system represents muscle movements, while the vestibular system, which is composed of inner ear organs, controls spatial orientation. The anxiety therapist advises doing activities like balancing drills (standing on one foot, for example), yoga, walking backwards, or any other activity that you like the most.

2. When you felt most like yourself

According to Anna, this technique can assist with emotional and neurological system management as well as grounding. The therapist advises to go back to a period in the previous 24 (or more) hours when you felt most like yourself. Play the incident through your mind, paying attention to every detail as if it were occurring all over again. As you do this, pay attention to how your body feels, particularly how the memory affects your five senses.

Repeat the procedure by thinking back to a recent instance where something similar would have happened. Once more, pay close attention to how your body is feeling.

3. Find your glimmers

Glimmers are the polar opposite of triggers. In contrast to triggers, which indicate a possible threat, they indicate safety. Glimmers, according to the anxiety therapist, are what trigger our ventral vagal nerve system (parasympathetic).

In order to feel more at ease, you ought to discover your glimmers. It will provide you with the opportunity to connect with others, the world and yourself.


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