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NCC training begins in Kashmir valley after 33 years; Indian Navy

The Indian Navy has resumed the National Cadets Corps (NCCnaval )’s training after a 33-year hiatus as a result of the improvement in the security situation in the Kashmir Valley. On the Manasbal Lake in the Ganderbal area of central Kashmir, around 100 NCC cadets participated in the training. For 100 senior NCC cadets—boys and girls—from every district in the union area, the first training exercise has been planned. The programme is scheduled to go through September 26 and will prepare the cadets for the upcoming national NCC camp in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, which will start on October 2.

‘I consider it a remarkable event that the NCC cadets from the Kashmir area are lucky to be a part of this camp right now, which will enable them to train in naval training exercises near to their homes, after a 33-year hiatus. Prior to that, they had to travel to Jammu. Our training locations had to be changed when the security situation deteriorated in the late 1980s. I’m confident that the NCC training in the valley would improve now that this Manasbal naval training has been restarted,’ said Brigadier K S Kalsi, group commander, NCC cadets.

‘The Naval Training Camps provide a variety of activities, but this one is specifically designed to get J&K and Ladakh cadets ready for the forthcoming national NCC camp in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, which starts on October 2. These cadets are receiving training in signalling, sailing, and boat hauling. They are all crucial aspects of naval training. I am confident that all the young people in Kashmir who will see these activities firsthand or through the media would be inspired,’ stated Brigadier Kalsi.

With the training facility in Manasbal, Kashmir’s NCC Cadets won’t have to go to Jammu for naval training, which will be a major incentive for students to join the NCC. Kashmir is blessed with several water bodies, and this will encourage more students to join the NCC. After several years, the camp was finally organised in the valley, much to the delight of the local cadets.

‘For the first time in a long time, a training camp has been held in the Kashmir Valley, and several students from numerous universities have travelled there from different regions of the Union Territory. I would want additional kids to attend these programmes. We receive instruction in boat hauling, swimming, sailing, and drilling. Additionally, signalling is being practised. We are encouraged to join the Indian Navy by the Navy personnel,’ an NCC cadet named Ovais Rashid said.

In order to join the Indian Army, Navy, and Airforce, these cadets mostly volunteer for training camps. ‘Being a part of this camp is an excellent experience for us. Because of security concerns, these camps were not held in the Kashmir valley, but they have already resumed and we are learning a lot. The reason I joined the cadets is that I want to join the Indian Navy’, said NCC Cadet Kiran Chaudhary. Due to terrorist activity, these cadets have received the majority of their training in the previous three decades in Nagrota and Mansar Lake in the Jammu area. The cadets from Kashmir Valley were severely inconvenienced by this.





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