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Ukraine Forces discover ‘torture chamber’; Call Russia out for ‘blatant genocide’

A ‘torture chamber’ was found by Ukrainian soldiers in the newly freed town of Balakliya, prompting Ukraine to accuse Russia of ‘blatant genocide’ on Wednesday. The Ukrainian Defense Ministry shared a photo of a dim area with the words ‘Lord’s prayers’ inscribed onto its walls. Russian torture room in the freed Balakliya, the ministry wrote in a tweet. By Ukrainian inmates, the Lord’s Prayer was engraved onto the wall. For this obvious atrocity, Russia needs to answer.

Notably, Ukrainian soldiers began a counteroffensive to retake areas of the nation that Russian forces had occupied in the northeast. Balakliya town in the Kharkiv area was once again under the authority of the Ukraine Amry last week. The New York Post claimed that throughout the seizure of the region, Russian soldiers kept about 40 prisoners. A resident of Balakiya claimed to have been electrocuted when Russian soldiers discovered a picture of his brother in the military. In the meantime, Ukrainian authorities asserted that in the recently freed parts of Kharkiv, they discovered six bodies that looked to have been tortured.

Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, had earlier in the day been to the Kharkiv region’s regained city of Izium. During his visit, Zelensky swore ‘victory’.¬†Pictures of Zelensky’s visit to Izium were posted by his office. Also promised was a trip to Crimea, where Russian forces have occupied since 2014. Ukraine’s deputy foreign affairs minister, Ganna Maliar, claims that since the beginning of this month, Ukrainian soldiers have retaken control of around 8,500 square kilometres of territory from the intruders. On February 24, Russia began its military campaign in Ukraine. On Tuesday, Russia claimed to be conducting extensive airstrikes on areas that Ukrainian forces had retaken.


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