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Sun Halo, never before observed, appears over Mars.

On the surface of the Red Planet, the Perseverance rover has observed an unusual development in the heavens that was unanticipated.

The sun halo, a rare phenomenon that has frequently been observed in the skies above Earth, was detected by the SUV-sized rover.

The Sun’s halo is a 22-degree ring that can be seen from Earth because white light is scattered as it travels through ice crystals in upper-level cirrus clouds, giving the halo its colourful appearance.

A comparable event has been anticipated by scientists in the skies over Mars. They had yet to witness the occurrence, though.

Not anymore.

On December 15, 2021, the Perseverance rover detected a rare occurrence in the skies that provided scientists with a rare glimpse into the intricacy of the Martian atmosphere.

Planetary scientist Mark Lemmon of the Space Science Institute said, ‘Perseverance really astonished us with some of the photographs that we acquired back in December.’


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