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US: Pilot killed in a fiery jet crash during Reno Air Races | Watch


Nevada: In a fiery accident a pilot was killed when their plane went down in a crash during an annual air race competition in Nevada, US, on Sunday. The horrifying moment was captured on camera.

A video shared on YouTube showed the plane hitting the ground and exploding into a fireball before bouncing several times and tumbling to a stop. The video shows the plane crashing to the ground and going like a fireball before hopping several times and bursting into flames. The commentator in the video screams, while the race controllers in the last part of the video can be heard saying ‘red flag, red flag’.


According to the New York Post, the incident took place during the championship round on the final day of the Reno Air Races. The plane slammed during the third lap of the Jet Gold Race, causing all other pilots to be grounded. The race was a part of the Reno National Championship Air Races, and the pilot was attempting the third lap when this accident happened. The fatal crash forced all other pilots to return to the ground immediately.

Officials have not yet revealed the name of the pilot who died. However, they expressed their condolences to their family and spectators who witnessed the terrifying crash. At a news conference, the CEO and President of the Reno Air Racing Association, Fred Telling, said that the pilot was on the third lap of six before the crash occurred. There was only the pilot onboard when it crashed, Fred said, adding that all other pilots have safely landed.

Separately, as per The Independent, Race chairman Fred Telling informed that there will now be a detailed investigation conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). ‘As you can appreciate, at this moment in time, there’s actually very little specific data that we can provide’, Mr Telling said. ‘However, we can confirm that during the Jet Gold Race on the third lap, there was a fatal accident at outer pylon five today’, he added.

No other planes were involved and no one else was injured, the race chairman stated. The rest of the events on the final day were cancelled shortly after the incident. The Reno Air Races are held annually in September at Reno Stead Airport in Nevada. The event features competitions between various classes of aircrafts such as biplanes and jet planes.



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