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Warnings issued by climate activists to governments worldwide to boost climate actions or face ‘legal’ actions

On Tuesday (Sept. 27), a consortium of climate activist organisations warned governments throughout the world that they must speed up climate action or risk legal repercussions.

Experts argue that more cases are being brought to light asking governments to minimise fossil fuel pollution and to court actions over firms’ deceptive claims about their products as several legal challenges are ongoing to reduce carbon emissions and safeguard the environment.

The letter stated: ‘Worldwide governments: Your inaction is costing lives. To protect people and the environment, immediate strong action is required. We will keep going to the courts to demand responsibility if you keep failing us’ AFP stated.

The filing of more than 80 legal lawsuits against governments from the Netherlands to Brazil further served as a warning that the world was on the verge of experiencing the most major intergenerational violation of human rights in its history.

According to a review of climate-related legal claims, more than 2,000 claims have been made since 1986. Further research revealed that 30 new instances will arise in 2021, bringing the total number of such actions since 2005 to around 80.

However, Urgenda’s 2019 victory in Dutch courts, which compelled the government to cut green gas emissions by 25% by 2020, was one instance of this that was successful.

In June of this year, the US Supreme Court ruled that the government’s primary environmental agency cannot impose significant restrictions on greenhouse gases.

Campaigners assert that energy companies are now turning to international arbitration to recover their investments as governments speed the shift away from fossil fuels.


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