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World Heart Day 2022: Everything you need to know

Every year on September 29, the world celebrates World Heart Day as a chance to raise awareness on expanding heart health issues, cardiovascular disease (CVD), and the vital importance of heart care.

The purpose of the day is to raise awareness of various cardiovascular ailments and disorders.

Antoni Bayes de Luna, who led the World Heart Federation from 1997 to 1999, is credited with creating the idea. On September 24, 2000, the holiday was first celebrated. The day was later declared as September 29, nevertheless, up until 2011. To commemorate the international event, more than 90 countries gathered.

The theme for this year is ‘Use Heart, For Every Heart.’

‘Use heart’ refers to new ways of thinking, wise decisions, brave deeds, and involvement in this important matter.

For every heart, it emphasises ‘for’ and shifts the focus of the campaign from the activities themselves to the people who will benefit from it, allowing the drive to be more significant.

The main objectives of this day are to spread knowledge about the habits that can shield people from being prone to cardiovascular diseases and to provide people with the skills they need to manage potential risks associated with the body’s most important organ.

Heart attacks and other related incidents are becoming more common, and as a result, they are receiving more attention as more people struggle with heart-related issues.

Everyone, regardless of age, should be aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and proper diet.


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