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These signs tell you that your partner wants to have sex

Sex plays an important role in a relationship. Mutual understanding and open communication are very much essential to  lead a happier sexual life. Sex is not something that happens only in the bedroom. It is influenced by certain factors, which can be improved by understanding and following some simple steps.

Both the partners must  take care of certain things to maintain a healthy relationship. Use a password  or code word to communicate your desire for sex. It allows partners to talk and understand each other without anyone else knowing. Always tell your partner about the  sexual message that  inspired and pleased you. Be open and always try to clear any  doubt or misunderstanding. Instead of confusing signs, use more emotional ones. The invitation, acceptance and enjoyment of sexual intercourse between partners is more related to emotional factors.

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If you recognise your partner’s sexual desire and is unable to have a relationship for any reason, talk about it openly. Explain why sex is not possible for the time and convince them.

Time and place plays a crucial role in sex. Wear clothes that your partner likes. Lyrics of a favorite song, flowers, the scent of the room, and the bedspread can help create a happy atmosphere. Always tell each other the moments, words, etc. that gave you the maximum pleasure.


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