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‘PoK is part of India’; Russia’s ‘India map’ goes viral

The largest issue Israel had after becoming a state was gaining recognition. Pakistan made an effort to take control of a portion of Kashmir at the same time. But gaining support for its imposed occupation has only served to make Pakistan’s situation worse. Russia now seeing PoK as Indian territory has made its issues worse.

India owns PoK; Russia
A Shanghai Cooperation Organization infographic was published by the state-owned news outlet Sputnik in Russia (SCO). SCO’s growth over the years was fully described in the infographic. Members affiliated to SCO as participants, discussion partners, and observers were depicted on a map of the world. The line of applicants for the organisation, including Iran and Belarus, seemed encouraging.

Sputnik’s infographic shows Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) as part of India, while Akshai Chin is also shown as a part of the country. This is possibly the most unprecedented event in the history of politically independent India. No wonder, only people loyal to alpha male like Putin could execute it.

Why would Russia do this?
Pakistan has not shown any disdain for Russia because it abstained from voting against it in the UN General Assembly. Russia could have easily maintained the status quo in Kashmir and kept referring to it as a bilateral matter. It appears that the geopolitical wrangling over Ukraine has caused South Asia, Europe, and America to discuss the Kashmir problem on several occasions.

Back to the beginning of the Ukraine conflict;
In order to rally the entire globe against Russia, the West put pressure on nations like China, India, and its emerging partner nations. They may bring smaller nations under India’s power by enlisting its cooperation. Trump has strained relations between China and the United States, so agreement was never going to occur. India was the next logical choice in their minds.

India steadfastly refused to give in to its own interests. EAM Jaishankar did all possible to remind the west that they are responsible for bearing the full burden of their own mistakes. Even if it wasn’t overt, India supported Russia, as seen by its actions. The United States provided India with many rounds of incentives, including the promise of backing against China and participation in the ‘make-in-India’ initiative. But India continued to reap the benefits of both worlds.

Pak irritated Putin;
As soon as Ukrainian forces were discovered using Pakistani-made weaponry to murder Russian soldiers, the secret was revealed. It need the USA on the one hand to sustain its terror factory. It also desired to share the same conditions as India. For a nation with a reputation as a haven for terrorists, nevertheless, that is uncommonly conceivable.

The final push Pakistan needed to lean toward the west came from Putin’s choice. Now that camouflage was in use, Pakistan’s floods were a contributing factor. The arrangement for exporting wheat to Pakistan was abruptly cancelled by the Putin administration hours after the shocking news. Since the USA was searching for a nation to warn India of the repercussions of partnering with Russia, it helped them move closer to the USA.

Pak and the west have had two months of joy;
Kashmir is more of an existential problem for Pakistan than the existential crisis that its population are experiencing. It chose to direct the compassion that was being shown because of the flooding toward Kashmir. The fleet sustainment programme for the F-16 fighter jet, valued over $ 450 million, was given to Pakistan by Americans quite quickly. Americans asserted that it wouldn’t be used for terrorism, but even they saw that this was nonsense.

West’s realisation;
In exchange for backing for its Kashmir agenda, the West wants Pakistan to vote against Russia on Kashmir. Pakistan simply did not cast a vote at the UNGA against Russia. West as a whole was in disbelief. Their confidence in America continued to deteriorate. The US attempted a course correction by excluding Pakistan from its NATIONAL SECURITY STRATEGY paper. The most dangerous nation, according to Biden, is Pakistan.

India has to stop daily incursions into Pakistani territory and formally annex the province of Kashmir. Russia is in the mood to distance itself from the terrorist nation and won’t want to argue over its position on a failing state like Pakistan. Russia does not want to upset the apple cart by ending discussions with the West on PoK since the chances of a new BRICS currency are more promising than ever.


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