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To ‘experience the suffering of pedestrians,’ MP Minister strolls barefoot on pothole-filled streets.

Pradhuman Singh Tomar, the energy minister for Madhya Pradesh, made a historic commitment to walk barefoot until the state of the roads in his district is improved. The event occurred in Gwalior, and the minister pledged to follow through when inspecting pothole-filled roads on Friday.


According to sources, locals grumbled about their situation and told the minister about it. They noted the difficulties brought on by poorly maintained roads and the need to improve them.


A visibly moved minister said that he was eager to feel the suffering of the pedestrians and that he would like to do so until the roads were improved.


India Today was able to get images of the minister expressing his regret to the public while folding his hands and proclaiming his intention to cover up the potholes on the roadways.


‘I have given up wearing shoes in order to treat the pain I get when walking barefoot that others also suffer. I’ll check regularly to see if the job is completed shortly’ said Tomar.


‘I won’t wear slippers or shoes unless the condition of the roads in the Gwalior constituency is repaired. I won’t take off my shoes. I think that the discomfort of pebbles and terrible roads will be felt when I go barefoot. I’ll understand the public’s plight’ he declared.


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