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‘Wokeism’ Danger To India From US Institutions; Report

In an interview with Republic’s Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami on ‘Nation Wants To Know,’ Rajiv Malhotra discussed how ‘wokeism’ is spreading throughout India. His book is titled ‘Snakes in Ganga: Breaking India 2.0’.  Additionally, he asserted that prominent businesspeople and billionaires in India are supporting efforts to instil the concept of wokeism in the nation’s youth.

Author Rajiv Malhotra believes that the H1B visa should have caste quotas as they want to ensure that enough Dalits and minorities are represented in the workforce. ‘They believe that meritocracy is a sham and is a cover for the caste system,’ he said of critics of the visa policy.

‘Wokeism entering India’
Niti-Aayog is using Harvard-trained and American consultants for formulating policies in the country. This is bringing wokeism in India in the name of ESG (E for Environment, S for Social Justice and G for Governance), Malhotra said. ‘Once Silicon Valley institutionalise these things, Indian industries will shift towards wokesim,’ he added.

The hazards of wokeism
The risks of wokeism are described in the book ‘Dangers of Wokeism’ by Rajiv Malhotra. He asserts that if introduced into India, this may quickly create a generational divide. One of the ironies shown by this book, according to him, is that Indian millionaires are sponsoring the anti-India wokeism that is centred at Harvard.


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