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‘Evil’ murder victim, 12-year-old Lola laid to rest!

On Monday, a 12-year-old girl was to be buried whose death sparked a bitter political discussion in France (October 24). Paris, the capital of France, was stunned by the schoolgirl Lola’s terrible murder. In the courtyard of her apartment complex, her corpse was found in a container. The young girl’s murder was described as ‘evil’ by French President Emmanuel Macron.

The murder also prompted detractors to charge that Macron’s administration was not doing enough to halt illegal immigration. Officials responded by saying that such accusations were inappropriate at the moment. The family of Lola has requested that arguments be put to rest so that the young girl can be buried with ‘respect and dignity’ at her burial later on Monday in the northern French town of Lillers.

The funeral liturgy is open to the public, however the family asks for absolute discretion during the burial at the cemetery. Attending is Gerald Darmanin, Macron’s close friend and interior minister. ‘Lola’s parents should be able to live, is what I desire. I hope everyone is extremely sober, discreet, and respectful’, The liturgy will be led by the bishop of Arras, Olivier Leborgne, according to France 3 TV.

Who is the accused?
The primary suspect in the case is a woman, 24 years old and of Algerian descent. The cops took her into custody. Press reports refer to the woman as Dahbia B. She is reportedly experiencing psychological issues, according to media sources. She and an older guy who was suspected of providing refuge for her were both questioned by police earlier on Monday. The lady has been accused of raping and killing a youngster under the age of 15, according to a person familiar with the case who spoke to the news agency AFP. She is charged with torture and cruelty as well.

Following that, the murder investigation was launched, and Lola’s body was discovered inside the container. Her wrists and feet were reportedly bound, and a covering of cloth was placed over her corpse to conceal it. The small girl had a cut on her neck, and the autopsy determined that her death was caused by ‘cardio-respiratory failure with symptoms of hypoxia and cervical compression’.




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