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‘Bigg Boss will crumble,’ if Salman Khan is taken from the programme : Shekhar Suman

Since the show’s beginning, Shekhar Suman has been involved with Bigg Boss 16. Every week, the actor hosts a unique portion for the reality programme. As the host of the Bigg Boss briefing, he makes fun of the contestants. Recently, Shekhar praised Salman Khan’s hosting abilities and the way he treats the candidates in an exclusive interview with IndiaToday.in. Salman is in the programme just as he is, the actor said, without any pretences. Shekhar further stated that Bigg Boss will fail if Salman were to be fired from the programme.

Shekhar Suman claimed in an exclusive interview with IndiaToday.in that Salman doesn’t put on a mask to be a good presenter. Shekhar praised Salman Khan, saying that he was the best aspect of Bigg Boss.

‘He lacks pretence and is unpretentious. He doesn’t pretend to be a nice guy host by donning a mask. Salman Khan is the best aspect of Bigg Boss because he is who he is and accepts himself for who he is. If Salman Khan were to leave, the programme would suffer. It is not just about the competitors; it is also about how he handles them. He shows them a lot of affection and respect,’ he explained.

Shekhar went on to say, ‘He corrects and chastises people in his own charming way when he notices that they are attempting to be overly clever or straying from the path. He is sort of reprimanding you like a big brother would. He has a big brotherly love for them and resembles the occasionally irascible Bigg Boss in terms of his sensitive heart.’


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