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Kanye West claims that after losing $1 billion in deals, he has been ‘beat to a pulp.’

The American rapper Kanye West recently complained that he had been ‘beaten to a pulp’ by brands that had cancelled their collaborations with him. According to a story from 9 Breaking News, his anti-Semitic outburst cost him $1 billion in negotiations.

On Saturday, Mr. West lamented the demise of his enterprise on Instagram. He said in his piece, ‘Does this demonstrate that my ostensible suspicion was correct that the ‘unknown powers’ were attempting to end my life based on a tweet? lovingly guiding. These are words of affection.’

‘While I’m still allowed on Mark Zuckerberg’s platform, I’m going to say this again, let’s see the contracts, The film contracts, the sports contracts, the music contracts, and the mortgages,’ he wrote in his post.

Mr. West wanted to see the contracts, citing a number of successful transactions that have recently fallen through as a result of his persistent criticism of the Jewish community.

‘See the contracts so that we can or, better yet, will conduct business more effectively. Despite being beaten to a pulp, no one has taken responsibility’ Added he.

He further alleged, according to 9 Breaking News, that unidentified entities are trying to end his life through a tweet. He declared in a post from earlier this year that he wished to ‘go death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE.’

The restoration of Mr. West’s Twitter account earlier this week was allegedly done without Mr. Musk’s knowledge and prior to his acquisition. West has stopped tweeting since October 9.

Due to the rapper’s anti-Semitic tirades against Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, in which he claimed that Jews were in control of him, his Instagram account was earlier this month also blocked. According to the site, several of Mr. West’s business associates have deserted him as a result of the decision.


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