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When Queen Camilla returned to the UK from India, her plane was struck by a bird: report

The Queen Camilla’s jet apparently had a bird strike, causing damage. She was returning from India to the UK in a British Airways aircraft, and People Magazine reported that, the aircraft is thought to have a significant indentation on the nose.


The wife of King Charles was travelling home from a holistic health facility close to Bengaluru. She was residing at a spa, Soukya, with a select group of her pals. The centre, which offers wellness and medical treatment programmes, is run by Dr. Isaac Mathai. The centre offers counselling, yoga, homoeopathy, meditation, and the old-fashioned medical system. ‘Healing, prevention, or rejuvenation’ is the institute’s main emphasis.


The Boeing 777-200ER was making its way from Bengaluru to Heathrow Airport in London. The incident has not been the subject of any remarks from Buckingham Palace.


The Times of India reports that on October 20, Queen Camilla travelled to Soukya with her companions and was accompanied by Royal Protection Squad security. According to the story, the princess ate vegetarian continental meals and sipped fruit juices when she was a guest at the centre.


According to People Magazine, Queen Camilla has consistently attended over the years. She went to Soukya to celebrate her 71st birthday three years ago. The website contains images on it as well.


Charles and Camilla, meanwhile, wed in 2005 following a protracted and occasionally adulterous love affair.


Many Britons have long harboured animosity toward Camilla and hold her responsible for the dissolution of Charles’s first union with Diana, Princess of Wales.


Even if Camilla isn’t at the top of lists of the most popular royals, her favorability has significantly increased.


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