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32,000 girls converted to Islam and handed over to ISIS as slaves:’The Kerala Story’

The teaser of the much awaited movie ‘The Kerala Story’ is out. The story, which was directed by Sudipto Sen and produced by Vipul Amrutlal Shah, centres on the fate of females who have been transported to the Islamic State after being converted. ‘My name was Shalini Unnikrishnan and I aspired to become a nurse and help mankind,’ the girl who starts the teaser says. ‘I am currently Fatima Ba, an Afghan prisoner who is a terrorist for the Islamic State. I’m not alone myself. Similar to me, 32,000 females have been converted and buried in the Yemeni and Syrian deserts. In Kerala, a dangerous game is being performed in the open to turn regular girls into feared terrorists.  Is there nobody to stop them? This is my story and the story of those 32,000 girls. This is The Kerala Story’.

In an old speech, former Kerala Chief Minister V S Achuthanandan is heard predicting that Kerala will become a Muslim state in the next 20 years as part of the Popular Front of India’s agenda. The makers of the film said that it is about the misery of thousands of girls and claims that many have been trafficked to the Islamic State and other Islamic combat zones in the last ten years when the movie was first announced in March. Shah claimed that when Sen told him the tale, he had been in tears. He said that that was the day I made the movie decision.

Sen, on the other hand, has disclosed that since 2009, close to 32,000 females from Kerala and Mangaluru who were raised in Hindu and Christian homes have converted to Islam. According to him, the majority of them end themselves in Syria, Afghanistan, or other similar nations. In July 2018, a complaint was filed against two people for allegedly assisting Muhammad Riyaz in trying to convert a lady, transport her to Syria, and sell her as a sex slave. The woman said that a training session at a Bengaluru Madrasa was mandatory for her to attend. She said that she learned that Riyaz intended to use her as a sex slave in Syria. She said that Riyaz had received funds from unknown sources following her conversion.

Religious conversions were one of the key subjects of discussion in 2018 at an Intelligence Bureau meeting where Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke. The Kerala police busted a significant case where a girl was forcefully converted to Islam as part of a wider scheme around the same time. The girl was allegedly persuaded into marriage after being forcibly converted to Islam, according to the authorities. Her husband was attempting to sell her to the ISIS in Syria as a forced sex slave.

Consider the stories of Pallath Merrin Jacob and Sonia Sebastin, two Keralan girls who were forced into Islam before being sent to Afghanistan to join ISIS. Bexen Vincent and Bestin Vincent’s situations also need to be considered in this context because they were persuaded to convert prior to their travel to Afghanistan, once again in order to become a component of an ISIS module.

According to a representative of the Intelligence Bureau, there are two factors contributing to the increased demand for persons who have converted. It has occasionally been discovered that a convert is more radical. Selling women off as sex slaves is more or less acceptable in this situation. In order to grow its population, the ISIS in particular has a great need for converted women and employs them as sex slaves and child factories. Converts are less knowledgeable about the faith, which is another factor contributing to the high demand. The ISIS’s version of Islam has been modified to fit its needs. A convert is not completely aware of what the Quran has to say and tend to question their ways much lesser.

Some ladies even admitted during the investigations that were undertaken in Kerala that their desire to satisfy others has increased after they converted to a new faith. As a result, they wind up following orders verbatim. In other instances, people fall into a carefully laid trap and are left with little choice but to obey instructions. ISIS is also aware of the lower social acceptability of converts. The women in particular are frequently shunned by their families, which makes it easy for the ISIS to recruit them. According to a police official involved in the investigation, this is the identical pattern that we have discovered in Kerala.



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