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During flight, a woman’s hair dangles over the passenger’s tray table. Image goes viral

When other passengers act improperly on aeroplanes, flying may be a frustrating experience.


On social media, a picture of a woman with her hair hanging over a passenger’s tray table has gone viral.


Anthony, a user, tweeted the image on Twitter. The woman is depicted with long hair that hangs over the top of her headrest and reaches Anthony’s tray table.


Would this annoy you? Anthony enquired.


The image that first became popular online in October of last year has returned. Internet users recommended she chop off her hair or blow bubblegum at them.


‘Completely insensitive and unneeded,’ one person commented. I’m saying this as a fellow owner of long hair. Another person said, ‘This girl sat in front of me in home economics class when I was in the seventh grade. I would constantly ask her if she may move her hair during class each day. She had an attitude all the time. I eventually finished it all. I started cutting her hair with the scissors after grabbing them.’


‘I’m sticking my son in the seat behind her, feeding him a whole pack of Bubbalicious & letting nature take its course,’ a third person commented. The comment ‘Lol nah. I’d just tell her I needed to slip under her hair for a moment if I needed the tray, but why would I?’


Another said, ‘I would unintentionally order milk and dump it all over her hair. For the remainder, allow that rotting milk odour to follow your journey.’


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