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Musk ‘rehires’ Twitter employees who never worked with the company!

Washington: The new CEO of the microblogging network, Elon Musk, is undoubtedly a man of intellect, notwithstanding the recent mass firings and undoing of choices at Twitter. The billionaire posted a photo of himself standing with two persons who seemed to be his staff on Twitter on Wednesday. Adding a caption to the photo, he said, ‘Welcoming back Ligma & Johnson!’

He said, ‘It’s important to confess when I’m wrong & firing them was genuinely one of my worst blunders,’ in the next tweet. At first look, it would appear that Musk has rehired two of the staff members he fired during the platform’s major layoffs after buying the company. Don’t be misled, though; this appears to be Musk’s retaliation against Twitter trolls or those who have criticised his termination of Twitter staff.

The people Musk has included in his latest tweet are the pranksters who pretended to be fired Twitter employees in front of the media almost two weeks ago. The two deceived numerous media outlets at the time as the general public awaited information on whether the CEO of Tesla had started firing employees.

Two guys carrying boxes were spotted standing close to the door of Twitter’s San Francisco facility, claiming to have been fired by Musk, in a number of pictures and videos that quickly went viral. The world’s richest person even tweeted, ‘Ligma Johnson had it coming,’ in response to the entire prankster incident.

The joker who claimed to be ‘Rahul Ligma’ (a play on a well-known internet meme) and held a copy of Michelle Obama’s book ‘Becoming’ aloft while addressing reporters was the subject of Musk’s tweet. The other identified himself as ‘Daniel Johnson’.


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