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Twirls were replaced in Heroes chocolate.

Due to a problem in its supply chain, Cadbury’s has taken miniature Twirls out of some Heroes chocolate boxes, informed the confectionery company.


Instead of the customary little Twirl bars, some tubs will now have two full-sized ones.


It’s not the first time recently that chocolate variety boxes have undergone changes.


Bounty bars were taken out of some tubs earlier this month, according to Mars Wrigley, since 40% of consumers disliked the coconut-flavored snack.


‘We’re encountering the same issues that many other food companies have reported recently,’ according to a representative for Mondelez, which owns Cadbury’s, who cited supply chain interruptions.


The statement continued, ‘We have temporarily switched bite-sized Cadbury Twirl in Heroes Tubs to the slightly bigger Cadbury Twirl 21g across a small percentage of tubs manufactured to ensure we can continue to deliver our loyal consumers the goods they know and love.’


On Twitter, @Andy92rew, a perplexed user, wrote: ‘Forgive me. Why is a Twirl of the standard size present in my box of Heroes?’


After discovering her full-sized bars in the chocolate tub, @SazSazzle wrote, ‘Twirl definitely has escaped from other buddies.’


After consumers started noticing the change, the Mondelez spokesman told them, ‘Consumers may enjoy the same amount of chocolate as before with the total weight of the product being the same.’


In September, the business also experienced issues with Mikado supply.


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