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Laboratory-grown meat can now be consumed and sold!

The sale and eating of meat produced in laboratories will soon be legal in the US, making it the second nation in the world to do so. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said on Friday that following completion of all required safety and quality assessments, it will let a California-based firm named Upside Foods to sell lab-grown meat. CNN reports that the meat won’t really require any actual killing and will instead be manufactured in a controlled laboratory setting using chicken cells.

The US Food and Drug Administration is dedicated to fostering innovation in the food supply because ‘the world is witnessing a food revolution,’ FDA Commissioner Robert Califf told reporters. Regarding additional lab-grown beef products, the FDA also disclosed to the media that it is ‘involved in negotiations with various businesses’.  Lab-grown beef, which is being regarded as a more environmentally friendly product, might soon have a significant market in the US if it is authorised.

There have also been reports of seafood that has been grown in laboratories, but no such product has received official approval. Upside Foods, formerly Memphis Meats, welcomed the FDA decision but stated that it will take a few months after the approval to start delivering the product to supermarkets. The US Department of Agriculture will also have to approve Upside Foods, according to The Guardian.

The announcement was made just a few days after the COP27 summit in Egypt, where the issue of developing environmentally friendly food was discussed. With more businesses expected to enter the market soon, the FDA’s approval of the lab-grown meat products is seen as a step in the right direction.


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