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In a moment’s notice; Poonawala confesses to killing Shraddha Walkar in court

Aaftab Ameen Poonawala acknowledged today in a Delhi court that he killed Shraddha Walkar ‘in the heat of the moment’ despite being accused of murdering his live-in lover. Furthermore, he claimed that the current criticism against him is ‘not totally factual’. Aaftab, 28, claimed to be working with the police and to have provided maps showing the spot where he placed the body pieces. Even though he promised the court he would give all the information, it has been so long that he finds it difficult to recollect many specifics.

Aaftab’s attorney, Avinash, said that the police requested further time in prison, claiming that Aaftab had provided an investigative officer with a sketch of a pond where they wanted to transport him for further investigation. ‘Aaftab informed the court that the police have his cooperation and have been kind to him. He said that he is neither misinforming or deceiving people. In court, the police also didn’t challenge his assertion, ‘he added

Aaftab Poonawala was brought before the Saket court through video conference in a special hearing today, and the judge prolonged his police detention for a further four days. He was brought before the court since his five-day detention period ended today. According to Delhi Police sources, Aaftab admitted to throwing the saw and blade he used to hack off Shraddha’s body in the bushes of DLF Phase 3 in Gurugram during questioning. The bushes have been examined twice by a Delhi Police squad.

According to accounts, he tossed the meat cleaver in a trash can near the 100-foot road in Mehrauli, south Delhi. The Delhi Police gathered some evidence from the bushes in Gurugram on the first day of the inquiry, last Friday, and forwarded it to the Central Forensic Science Laboratory for further examination. The Delhi Police had been to Gurugram with metal detectors on the second day, last Saturday, but they came back empty-handed.

They also took Aaftab to the store where he had purchased the saw blade, which is located only 250 metres from Aaftab’s residence. More human remains were found in the Mehrauli forest by the police on Sunday. They have so far sent 13 bones, the skull’s base, and a severed jaw for forensic analysis to match with Shraddha’s father’s DNA samples. Given that important case evidence is still missing, the coming days are crucial for the investigation.

The authorities believe that Shraddha Walkar’s corpse may have been partially severed when they discovered heavy, sharp cutting tools in Aaftab’s apartment last week. At Aaftab’s place of business in Gurugram, they also discovered a substantial black polythene bag. According to sources, because there are no witnesses, investigations into the six-month-old murder rely on forensic reports, telephone records, and circumstantial evidence.

Aaftab and Shraddha had relocated to Delhi in May, and four days later, after a fight over money and adultery, he strangled her to death. The corpse was then chopped up into 35 parts, which he stored in a refrigerator and dumped in a forest over the course of 18 days, according to police. The Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) has announced that Aaftab’s narco analysis test will not be done on Monday because he must first undergo a polygraphic exam.


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