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James Cameron makes a shocking revelation of the budget to the upcoming sequel of ‘Avatar,’ ‘Avatar: The Way of…

Regarding the budget of his planned ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ sequel, director James Cameron has made a startling statement. There have been numerous publications that discussed the film’s budget and made wildly optimistic projections, but now the filmmaker has revealed it in a recent interview.

‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ will debut in theatres on December 16.

According to earlier claims, the production expenditure alone was in the $250 million level, according to Variety. But now that the clouds have parted, the director has revealed more details about the budget for his most recent film sequel.

Though the director refrained from revealing any numbers to the public but his response in queries has made clear that the movie production cost is TOO MUCH. While speaking with GQ magazine about sequel’s budget, the director said ‘Very f***** expensive.’

Additionally, director James Cameron referred to his sequel’s exorbitant budget as ‘the worst business case in movie history’ in a chat with executives from Disney and 20th Century Studios. Over the budget, he claimed that in order for the film to be profitable, it must rank third or fourth in terms of worldwide box office take.


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