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Half-naked judge suspended for smoking on bed during ‘virtual hearing’!

A judge in Colombia received a three-month suspension for reportedly smoking in bed and appearing half-naked during a virtual court, in a scenario right out of a comedy. According to the Spanish news site Infobae, Judge Vivian Polania broke many administrative rules. However, in a later remark, the judge refuted claims that she was only partially clothed.

During one of her court appearances, the 34-year-old was seen puffing on a cigarette while lying on her bed partially naked. In a video that was released on Twitter, judge Vivian Polania can be seen smoking. ‘ Judge Vivian Polana, who works at the Ccuta Palace of Justice, is shown attending a court hearing in her bed while smoking and half-naked in a video going viral on WhatsApp. Although I’m not sure whether there will be any consequences, at least the controversy has been resolved ‘, the user said.

A segment of the virtual hearing went viral online, prompting Norte de Santander’s Judicial Disciplinary Commission to open a prompt inquiry. The committee said that Judge Vivian Polania was reporting to the court from her bed in a ‘deplorable’ state and had ‘sleepy eyes’.  Due to her failure to follow the judicial dress code and disrespect for the parties during the court hearing, the lady judge was found to be unsuitable to fulfil her responsibilities and was placed on unpaid leave until February.

Judge Vivian Polania allegedly had an anxiety attack and had low blood pressure after first claiming that she had been half-naked throughout the hearing. The judge was reportedly featured in provocative images on her now-deactivated Instagram profile wearing sensuous attire. She said that she is not going to modify her personality to appease others, saying, ‘I grew weary of pleasing people over my peace of mind’.


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